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  • Where can I find Macklem House Antiques?
    We are located at: 46 Reed Avenue St. Andrews, NB E5B 1A1 At the bottom of the page there is a detailed map of where to find us.
  • When is Macklem House Antiques open?
    We are open from: May 1st to October 8 Individual appointments can be made by calling: (506) 850-1726 for Sam Milligan (506) 396-1726 for Judy MacDonald
  • Does Macklem House Antiques ship items?
    If you can't take an item with you, we would be more than happy to ship it out for you.
  • Does Macklem House Antiques buy items?
    Yes we do! Feel free to contact us about your items, and we would love to do business with you.
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